"What makes innovative our company is how we forecast our clients and the planet's needs"

K-FLEX is a multinational manufacturing company specialised in the production of thermal and acoustic flexible elastomeric insulation materials. Thanks to its focus on technological innovation and the quality of its products and services, K-FLEX is a worlwide market leader with more than thirty years experience across a variety of business areas.

K-FLEX is continuing to strengthen penetration in the high growth emerging markets. The company's focus is to pursue new business opportunities in Asia Pacific, the Middle East, Eastern Europe and North America in order to expand its market in key countries all around the world. K-FLEX is always committed to discover new synergy, combining different solutions and designing new systems to offer to the customers the most possible effective and accurate service.


K-FLEX' mission is to be the market leader in the production of insulation materials and to EFFECTIVELY answer the specific NEEDS of its customers and markets, while providing TAILOR-MADE services, ADVANCED technological solutions and INNOVATIVE insulation systems through a SUSTAINABLE approach.


Thanks to the quality of its processes and solutions,
today K-FLEX products have a distinctive positioning in 9 different business areas.


K-FLEX works to deliver genuine added value to its customers and to provide them with certified, safe, comfortable and innovative solutions and services.